Our Story

Have an insight in to how Columbus grew from a crazy idea on a holiday in to a reality.

Columbus Hostels Is the brain child of two young idealistic idiots from England. We both left university with a passion for travel and doing everything we could to avoid a “real job” 

We set upon the HUGE challenge of trying to build a fun filled, family community on a island in the middle of the atlantic ocean, 3000km from home in a country speaking a different language. Starting with a derelict building in need of complete restoration with zero experience in construction, hostel management and an extremely limited budget. Making many mistakes along the way, more than you could ever imagine. We set about our massive challenge and at the very start of making our dream a reality we slept on the floor, lived without warm water and ate sardines for every meal for 3 months.


Without the help of so many friends and people we’ve met along the way offering us their time we wouldn’t of been able to make this huge project possible. If you have loved your time at Columbus hostel just as much as we loved having you, please leave us a review.